Concerts Recitals & Recordings

Concerts, Recitals and Recordings

Here in the Parish of Aston with Swallownest & Ulley we are putting on concerts, recitals and Aston choir events of quality throughout the year. We hope that you can support these events to ensure that they continue. here follows a list of concerts for this year, please see latest news and calendar in our communications tab to find out more details: 

Recording of the Choir singing the Advent Anthem -  O Thou, the Central Orb by Charles Wood from our Advent Carol service of 27th Nov 2022.

The words of this anthem are credited as adapted by Rev H R Bramley said to be from the Sonnet "O Oriens" in Rev Orby Shipley's book of 1865 - Hymns and Verses on Sacred subjects ancient  and modern, Lyra Mystica. (Source - Google Books)

Lyra Mysticao oriens

Recorded live during Evensong of July 10th 2022 at All Saints Church Aston. "If ye love me" is a four-part motet by the English composer Thomas Tallis. Click below to hear this beautiful Tudor motet as sang and recorded live during the service.

If Ye Love me - Thomas Tallis

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