Losing someone we love is one of life’s toughest challenges.  As the Parish Churches of Aston and Ulley our team is here to support you through your bereavement through taking the funeral, and staying in touch afterwards if you would like us to.  A Church of England funeral allows you to give thanks for the unique person you knew and loved in a way that gives comfort and hope.

You don’t need to be a regular church goer to have a funeral in church:  if the deceased person or a family member lives or lived in the parish, we can arrange a church funeral. Many funerals are simple services, lasting about 30 minutes.  

Our team is also able to lead funeral services at the Crematorium if you would prefer this.

If you want to arrange a funeral service, please ask your Funeral Director to contact the clergy at the parish office on 07934 101538. One of the team will then make an appointment to meet with you.

When we visit we will work with you on preparing the service, and help you to think about options:

  • involving family and friends in the service, by singing, reading, or giving tributes,
  • choosing bible readings, or other readings,
  • choosing hymns and other music items,
  • including your own prayers,
  • using a printed order of service.

Fees are paid by the Funeral Director.

If you want us to visit you after the service, or f there is anything else we can do to provide support please let us know.

In the autumn we hold a Memorial Service for those whose funerals we have taken during the year and bereaved families are most welcome to join us for this service.  At the service we pray for people by name and light a candle in their memory.

Aston Churchyard is closed for burials, but open for burial of ashes. For further information, please speak to the office on 07934 101538.

Ulley Churchyard is open for both burials and for burial of ashes.  Guidelines for Ulley Churchyard are available here. 

More information about Church of England Funerals is available here.