Ulley Well Dressing 

Ulley Well Dressing Title

Each year since 2015 Ulley has a well dressing festival which serves as 'outreach' from the church to the community. Here is the story of our fabulous festival, we'd love you to be part of our story in the future!


Ulley church likes to look for ways to engage with the wider community, seeking out ideas to bring people into the Church and to enjoy being together.

The idea of Well Dressing, inspired by those in Derbyshire, was seen as a way to involve all ages in creating an image that shared the love of God and his creations. What was thought of initially as a ’one off’ in 2015 is now an annual event! We are still learning and practising and developing our skills, but the results have been much admired so far. Everyone can join in and the children create their very own individual pictures too.

Child well dressing
Messy but fun!

Our first ever well dressing celebrated the Church, the village and its surroundings, using water as the symbol of God’s life giving presence.

2015 bright


In 2016 we celebrated the Queen’s 90th Birthday, recognising all she has given to the country over the years and the way the importance of her has shaped her approach to life.

2016 small

We loved the final picture so much we wrote to Her Majesty and sent her a picture of our creation. We got a lovely letter of thanks back!


2017 was the 10th anniversary of the terrible floods that caused so much damage to Ulley reservoir and the surrounding communities.  We wanted to show we remembered this, but also to remind people of God’s promise of hope.  Noah’s ark was the inspiration this year.

Well Dressing 2017 copy


For 2018 the theme was ‘The Holy Trinity’.  This was chosen not least because it is the name of our lovely church but also because the idea of God being three persons in one is not an easy concept to grasp in words. We hope that the shape used in the design (resembling a clover leaf) helps us to understand the idea of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

2018 bright

2019 & The Future

2019 is going to be amazing – with an ‘Angelic’ inspired image that is already being worked on.  We would love you to come and join in. 

Ulley Dagmar blessing wd
Rev. Dagmar Wilkinson with the 2018 well dressing.