Choir Resources

Choir Resourses 2

Here, the choir can find the music plan, rehearsal schedule, dates sheet, tips and techniques for singing. Singing is great fun and we work on exercises in rehearsals to really master these techniques. If you are looking at this page due to an interest in music, or singing, then please feel free to join us and unlock the potential of your own voice! 

CHOIR DOCUMENTS (click to download)

Master Music Plan - list of music to be sung at each service
Rehearsal Schedule - a list per Thursday of the music to be worked on
Dates Sheet - key dates for the choir
Welcome Letter - information for new members
Sheet Music - music from library available only during lockdown


A MS Word document showing voice ranges can be downloaded here, this is where you can test what part you 'officially' fit into - Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass.


Intervals are important to learn to help with both pitching and note learning. Here are a list of famous songs to help you with each interval, try to memorise one that suits you for each interval:


MINOR 2nd - Jaws/Pink Panther
MAJOR 2nd - Happy Birthday/Do-Re-Mi/Jesu Joy Of Mans' Desiring
MINOR 3rd - So Long, Farewell (Sound of Music)/Greensleeves
MAJOR 3rd - O When The Saints/Morning Has Broken
PERFECT 4th - Here Comes The Bride/Amazing Grace
PERFECT 5th - Dear Lord & Father of Mankind/Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
MINOR 6th - Nothing Compares 2 U (Sinéad O'Connor)/The Entertainer (Scott Joplin) 
MAJOR 6th - Crimond (The Lord's My Shepherd)/My Bonnie
MINOR 7th - The Winner Takes It All (ABBA) /Star Trek Theme (Original) 
MAJOR 7th - Bali Hai (South Pacific) - 1st and 3rd pitch/Take On Me (A-Ha)
OCTAVE/8th - Somewhere Over The Rainbow/The Lonely Goatherd (Sound Of Music)


MINOR 2nd - Joy to the World/Für Elise (Beethoven)
MAJOR 2nd  - Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer/Three Blind Mice
MINOR 3rd - Hey Jude (Beatles)/Frosty The Snowman
MAJOR 3rd - Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me
PERFECT 4th - O, Come All Ye Faithful/Born Free
PERFECT 5th - What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor
MINOR 6th - Love Story (Theme) 
MAJOR 6th - Man In The Mirror - Chorus (Michael Jackson)/Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
MINOR 7th - Watermelon Man - YouTube example
MAJOR 7th - I Love You (Cole Porter)
OCTAVE/8th - The Lonely Goatherd (Sound Of Music)

Learning Techniques

Learning is part of being in a choir be it learning new music, new techniques of singing or simply learning to work with others in a team. Here are some tips I have recently been reading about in a book called “Inspire Your Choir” by Mark De Lisser & Dominic Peckham that may help you when learning music:
Aural Learning – play the audio learning track all the way through, listening to get an understanding of the structure, then play the track again listening to the line or phrase and pausing after each one.
Kinaesthetic Learning – play the audio learning track through, writing down the structure, then line by line writing down the lyric or drawing a visual representation picture that enhances the meaning of the line or phrase.
Oral Learning – While writing each line you should say or sing it it out loud.
Visual Learning – repeating the audio learning track whilst looking at the lyrics and pictures you have written or drawn.
Remember!! – apparently typing the words on a phone, computer or tablet doesn’t have the same effect, by all means use these devices to control the audio learning tracks but use the good ‘ole pen and paper to do the scribing. You are obviously doing OK at already but why not give these techniques a try at home if they are new to you?